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Welcome to Crystal Pure Water

We help ensure water is clean when returned to the environment. Whether it’s for fitness and fun, healthier homes.

Crystal pure water is energizing your world since 2008, 10,000+ Satisfied Customers. Our company is dedicated to the purification of drinking water and keeping the citizens of Bangalore safeguarded from water-borne diseases. This is our mission. The cornerstone of the Aquadawn water Softener success is its commitment to the best technology backed by the most efficient customer support. For e.g., the phone is answered (by a human voice) before the 4th ring and breakdown calls are answered within 24 working hours in 90% of cases.

Why Choose Us

Futuristic Design With Salient Features


Food Grade A.B.S Body

We use food-grade material to manufacture durable solutions


Good Storage Capacity

These purifiers are available in different water storage capacities.


Fully Automatic

The solution is automatic and works efficiently to provide purified water.


Balance Nutrients

This filtration balances the right PH level of the water and enhances its taste too.


Ensures Saving

Neither purchase nor maintenance of smart ROs will cost you the fortune


Eliminate Contaminants

Kill the contaminants and other bad toxins present in the water


Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants/ Industrial RO Systems

We are supplier of a wide Range of industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants to cater the stringent process requirements.
  • These Industrial RO Systems are available in the Flow Ranges from 1 M3/Hr Product Water Capacity and above. Standard Ranges are available in Multiples of 1 M3/Hr up to 10 M3/Hr.
  • Higher flow Rates from 10 M3/Hr to 100 M3/Hr and above are custom-built as per Customers requirement with extensive pre-filtration units to suit the most aggressive waters.
  • These Commercial RO Systems can be customized to add Multimedia Filters & Activated Carbon Filter s, Water softeners, Antiscalant Dosing Systems, and UV sterilizers.